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Badoy turns down calls for peace talks after Masbate landmine attack

The government’s anti-insurgency task force spokesperson Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy on Thursday dismissed the possibility of the revival of peace talks with communist rebels, citing the position of the Palace on the matter.

In a statement, Badoy called out some legislators of the Makabayan Bloc for supposedly using the killing by a landmine of  Far Eastern University football team member Kieth Absalon and  his cousin in Masbate to convince the goevrnment to go back to the negotiation table with the government and the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

“Our President has already spoken, mga Kas. There will not now or ever be- while he sits as President—any peace talks with you liars. So you can kiss that terrorist pipe dream goodbye,” she said.

“The Philippine government pisses on your phoney piss talks that we entered into with complete sincerity while your side made sure the body count of our men and women in uniform reached sky-high while we were talking peace,” she added.

On Wednesday, the Makabayan bloc said Absalons’ deaths and the rising number of international law violations should compel the government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines “to reopen the formal peace negotiations and to fully address the root causes of the raging armed conflict."

According to Badoy, these legislators have no shame in using the death of the two victims to allegedly push the goals of the CPP by manipulating the government to resume peace talks.

“Peace talks that are so bereft of sincerity that we might as well call it what it is: piss talks,” she added.

On Sunday, a bomb and gun attack perpetrated by the CPP's armed wing New People’s Army killed Absalon, 21, and his cousin Nolven.

The CPP admitted that the attack violated international law. Authorities are already pursuing those responsible for the attack. -MDM, GMA News