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Duterte on facing ICC: You must be crazy

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday refused to face the International Criminal Court's (ICC) possible probe into the Philippine drug war, which killed more than 6,000 drug suspects.

"Itong ICC bullshit ito. I will not, why would I defend or face an accusation before white people. You must be crazy. 'Yung colonizers dito they have not atoned for the sins against the countries they have invaded including the Philippines," Duterte said during his weekly Talk to the Nation.

"Tapos ito ngayon sila they try to set up a court outside the country and make us liable to face them," he added.

Retired ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda had recently requested the international tribunal to launch a full investigation into the Philippines' bloody drug war.

The tough-talking leader further denounced the tribunal judges, adding that authorities are still conducting operations to stop illegal drug transactions in the country.

"Itong droga matagal na ito maraming mayor ang namamatay na and yet it goes on and on everyday, transactions there and we are able to seize in bulk. Minsan umaabot ng bilon. Kaya gusto ko minsan sampalin ang judges na yan. You want my country to go down the drain.

Duterte also reiterated that since the Rome Statute was not published in the government's publication when the Senate ratified it, then it is not binding.

The Rome Statute is the treaty that created the ICC. The Senate ratified it in 2011, making the Philippines a state party to the treaty and a member of the tribunal.

Duterte, meanwhile, explained that narco politicians or politicians involved in narcotics will be killed if they fight back.

"There are mayors patay na. I am sorry. Yung mga mayors namatay in the other year... kasi pumapasok sila sa droga. We are not saying we are killing them, we kill them because we fight back," he said.

Citing that he is a former prosecutor, Duterte said he can defend himself from a possible investigation into his controversial anti-drug campaign.

"Justice ako, prosecutor ako of course I can defend myself. Wala akong sinabing na you kill Mr. Santos.. I never said that. But I said I will kill you if you destroy my country," said Duterte.—LDF, GMA News