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PDEA clears ex-Duterte adviser Michael Yang of drug links

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director General  Wilkins Villanueva has cleared former presidential adviser Michael Yang of drug links in Davao City.

"Kahit hagilapin mo lahat, Sir, walang Michael Yang diyan (Even if you look at the personalities involved, there is no Michael Yang there)," Villanueva told President Rodrigo Duterte during a taped meeting aired Tuesday morning

"We know the personalities [involved in drugs]," he added, presenting four names allegedly connected with an anti-drug operation conducted in Davao City back in December 2004  who are still at large.

Yang has been identified by Pharmally president Huang Tzu Yen as the one who lent Pharmally corporation money.

The Senate blue ribbon committee is currently investigating the government contract with Pharmally for state purchase of P8 billion medical supplies amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

During last Friday's hearing, Yang was grilled over his supposed links to Chinese businessman Allan Lim allegedly involved in illegal drugs.

Villanueva, however, also cleared Lim.

“Si Wen Li Chen, arrested in Cavite, is ni-relate nila to Allan Lim... Dito pa lang, titingnan mo ang labo na ng hitsura. Ang liit ng ilong ni Wen Li Chen, ang laki ng ilong ni Allan Lim  (They are linking Wen Li Chen, arrested in Cavite,  saying it is Allan Lim. Wen Li Chen’s nose is small, while Lim’s nose is big),” Villanueva said.

Lim, the PDEA chief said, also has no recorded illegal activities based on the data from Philippine National Police Directorate for Intelligence.

Dismissed police officer Eduardo Acierto, back in April 2019, accused the President and Yang of being involved in the illegal drug trade.

Before Acierto came up with his disclosure, former Customs intelligence officer Jimmy Guban accused Acierto of facilitating the smuggling of P6.8 billion to as much as P11 billion worth of shabu in the country in August 2018 thru magnetic lifters.

The President, in response to this allegation, said Acierto and Senate blue ribbon committee chairman Richard Gordon, who is leading the probe on the government’s P8 billion purchases from Pharmally corporation, have no credibility to begin with.

“Itong kay Michael Yang, tiningnan ko 'yung intelligence ano. Lahat ng intelligence input, puro galing kay Acierto lang. Marami rin akong kaibigang pulis din. Sinabi nila itong character ni Acierto. He was a kidnapper. Pagkatapos ng bigay ng ransom, pinapatay nila (Those intelligence reports linking Yang are all from Acierto, and I have many friends from the police force who told me that Acierto is involved in kidnap for ransom activities),” Duterte said during the taped meeting.

“Acierto really has no credibility. Gordon has zero credibility, he is in cahoots with criminals and fabricated stories. You were not even in a trial, you spent most of your time in Subic. You deserve the company of Acierto,” he added.—AOL, GMA News