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Vowing to eliminate COVID-19, cardiologist Jose Montemayor Jr. files COC for president

Vowing to eliminate COVID-19, corruption, and criminality, cardiologist Dr. Jose Montemayor Jr. filed his certificate of candidacy for president in Eleksyon 2022.

“Our country is facing a very serious crisis, especially a pandemic, you know, one who is running for president must have ample knowledge on what is this virus and what are the effects of this virus especially not only in the health condition of our country but also on the economic side. I am also an economist aside from being a lawyer and a doctor,” Montemayor said after filing his COC.

He likewise emphasized that the Filipino people were “desperately looking” for a leader that was knowledgeable, had integrity, and had the trust of the people.

Montemayor said he would run his campaign with his party, the Democratic Party of the Philippines.

“We will conduct this campaign at the grassroots level, as well as all the professional organizations, and the Born Again Christians which accounts for 35 million,” he said.

In 2016, Montemayor also filed a COC for president. — DVM, GMA News