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Guanzon to Ferolino: You can read exhibits in less than an hour, decide next day

Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon insisted there was no reason for fellow Commissioner Aimee Ferolino to take long in deciding on the petitions against former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Guanzon issued the retort to Ferolino’s statement that the release of the disqualification resolution was not delayed, and that the former should stop conditioning the public’s mind that there was something irregular going on.

“You can read the exhibits in less than an hour. Think about them for the next 24 hours and make up your mind as to their probative value on the second day,” Guanzon told GMA's Sandra Aguinaldo.

She said the evidence consists of  just "more or less 15 pages for respondent and petitioners each," excluding the earlier court decisions.

"She keeps on harping about how the cases are complex. but while these are consolidated petitions, the facts are the same.  And the facts are admitted," she said.

"She keeps on saying that she is taking her time so she can properly appreciate the evidence of the parties, but the evidence are not even voluminous and only involved simple documents," Guanzon added.

In an earlier statement, Ferolino said, “With all due respect, there is nothing to explain because I do not submit to your pronouncement that there is a delay in the release of my Ponencia on the Marcos cases.”

“As a colleague and my Senior, I respect your vote vis-à-vis your separate opinion; more importantly, whether your vote is supported or defeated, it will not benefit me any way. As a co-equal member of this Commission, I am asking you to please stop conditioning the minds of the people that there is a delay because there is none,” Ferolino added.

Last week, Guanzon disclosed that she voted for the disqualification of Marcos, a move that she was forced to do as she noticed an “unreasonable delay” in the promulgation of the decision on the consolidated disqualification petitions in the First Division.

She claimed that the reason behind the delay were efforts to influence other commissioners, particularly the ponente of the resolution, referring to Ferolino.
Guanzon is the presiding officer and the most senior poll commissioner of the Comelec First Division.

Ferolino, however, accused Guanzon of trying to influence her decision on the said cases.—Sandra Aguinaldo/LDF, GMA News