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Marcos warns of dark times if 'great powers draw wrong lessons' from Ukraine conflict

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. on Thursday warned of expanded conflict should "great powers" take the "wrong lessons" from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

"We face prospects from the war abroad of which we are totally blameless. We seek friendship with all, but countries like ours will bear the brunt of it. And if the great powers draw the wrong lessons from the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, the same dark prospect of conflict will spread to our part the world," Marcos said during his inaugural address at the National Museum of Arts.

"Yet, there is more out there like going forward by new ways of doing that the pandemic forces [us] to adapt. A stronger resilience, quicker adaptability. They are our best prevention, they are our best protection," he added.

Marcos in early June said he will maintain his "independent policy" in connection with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

This was stated by Russian Ambassador to the Philippines Marat Pavlov after his courtesy visit to the 17th president of the country.

During the campaign period, Marcos said it is not necessary to take a stand on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. He, however, said he is worried for the Filipinos who are affected by the conflict.

But later in the campaign, Marcos called on Russia to respect Ukraine's freedom amid the ongoing conflict.

At a UN General Assembly, the Philippines voted to condemn Russia's attack against Ukraine.

Russia's attack in Ukraine had prompted sanctions from the international community, including Germany's deferred approval of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, severely affecting the prices of oil globally. —KBK, GMA News