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Philippines, US start 2022 Kamandag military exercises

Filipino and US troops on Monday started the bilateral military exercises dubbed Kaagapay ng mga Mandirigma ng Dagat or Kamandagin Bataan, Palawan, and other areas in Luzon.

US exercise diretor Rear Admiral Derek Trinque said 2022 Kamandag would focus on cooperation on coastal defense and amphibious operations, live fire training, as well as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

“We're excited and thankful for this opportunity to work closely together, enhancing our capability to address our common objectives,” Trinque said at the opening event.

Five hundred Marines and 100 members of the Navy and Air Force will join 2,550 US Marines in training closely together during the bilateral military exercises.

Philippine Kamandag exercise director Brigadier General Raul Jesus Caldez said he was looking forward to the objectives of the exercises being met.

“It is a manifestation of our strong resolve to embark on bilateral training activities despite all the challenges and for that I am thanking everyone for the support,” Caldez said.

Acting Navy chief Rear Admiral Caesar Bernard Valencia said the activities in the Kamandag exercises had nothing to do with any geopolitical issue.

“The Kamandag was conceptualized last year pa, it is not dependent on what the regional situation is,” Caldez said in an interview.

The Kamandag exercises is scheduled until October 14, 2022. —NB, GMA News