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DepEd plans to teach sexual, reproductive rights starting Grade 4

Based on its draft curriculum for K-10 (Kindergarten to Grade 10), the Department of Education (DepEd) plans to teach learners lessons on sexual and reproductive health rights starting at the Grade 4 level.

The revised curriculum, which is up for public review, will introduce lessons with the theme “Safe and Active Living for Healthy Sexuality and Family.”

Among the learning competencies to be taught in the lessons is the analysis of the importance of health and sexual reproductive rights.

The lessons will discuss concepts on rhythmic activities, the right to healthcare needs, sexual and reproductive health.


These lessons will first be introduced in the third quarter of Grade 4, when students in this grade level are usually aged eight to 10.

Grade 5 students will meanwhile receive lectures on healthy ways of managing puberty-related changes, and communicating needs and respecting boundaries in relationships.

Respecting basic gender concepts and all sexual identities will be taught in the third quarter of Grade 6.

Topics on social development will be explained in Grade 7, while those related to sexually-transmitted infections, such as HIV and AIDS, will be for Grade 8 students.

Grade 9 students, typically aged 13 to 15, will be given lessons on ways to demonstrate responsible sexual behaviors and sexual and gender-based violence.

Under the Physical Education and Health subject, students are expected to “realize opportunities for growth; find meaning in their experiences; make informed and sound decisions and improve their own as well as others’ lives.” — DVM, GMA Integrated News