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Marcos calls on PMA Madasigon class to respect democratic ideals, rule of law

BAGUIO CITY - President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. called on the Philippine Military Academy “Madasigon” Class of 2023 to respect democratic ideals and the rule of law.

In his speech during the commencement exercises, Marcos said the graduates’ courage, strength, and skills qualified them for deployment to actual theaters of operation.

“As you join the military’s ranks, continue to fuel your undying commitment to genuine love for country and for public service. In all your tasks, diligently work for unity, respect for democratic ideals, institutions and mechanisms, and the rule of law,” Marcos said.

The President reminded the graduates “to remain humble in yourselves and honor those who have nurtured you right since the inception of all your budding dreams and aspiration.”

Marcos further vowed to work with all the future leaders of the Armed Forces of the Philippines “in our collective public service in building a stronger, more resilient republic.“

He asked them to apply the hard lessons of the military school whenever they encounter challenges along the way.

“That way, you will never lose your way. Live up to the precepts that define your class identity, namely honor, excellence and the ability to recover, and help lead our nation towards the progressive and prosperous future that we all aspire for,” said Marcos.

Furthermore, the President reiterated that the government was determined to modernize the military through important military asset acquisitions and upgrades.

He also said the government was undertaking a comprehensive study to improve social protections for the military and the uniformed personnel.

“Just last week, I signed into law the amendment to Republic Act No. 11709, which aims to further strengthen the professionalization and merit system of our Armed Forces,” Marcos said.

“Because of this, you now join a modern and professional organization, which is now more effective and even more formidable vehicle for public service and nation-building, and a continuing source of pride and self-fulfillment for the individual personnel,” he added.

During the ceremony, Marcos signed a pardon for the punishments cadets acquired during their training.

This year’s top graduate was Cadet First Class Warren Leonor, who is set to join the Philippine Air Force.

This year's complete list of top graduates are:
1.   Cadet First Class Warren Leonor
2.   Cadet First Class Edmundo Logronio
3.   Cadet First Class Nicole Sarmiento
4.   Cadet First Class Zhen Zhen Cayton
5.   Cadet First Class Rez Mark Cantor
6.   Cadet First Class Rojan Macario
7.   Cadet First Class Samuel Banac
8.   Cadet First Class Kimberly Kate Lawingan
9.   Cadet First Class Jay Fernandez
10.   Cadet First Class Arla Krish Bahingawan

— DVM, GMA Integrated News