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Robin Padilla seeks probe on ‘discrimination’ in Taguig police station shooting

Senator Robin Padilla is seeking an investigation into the alleged religious discrimination that triggered the August 7 gunfight between police officers at a Taguig City police station.

In a Sunday statement, Padilla said the investigation would also look into other similar instances of prejudice after the Muslim police officer involved in the shooting alleged that the incident stemmed from previous instances of discrimination and mockery.

In filing Senate Resolution 743, Padilla sought to have the Senate Committee on Cultural Communities and Muslim Affairs conduct an inquiry in aid of legislation into the plight of the Muslim community “in light of the numerous acts and practices that disadvantage and undermine their religious beliefs, particularly in the observance of their dietary principles.”

“Given the recurring unfortunate incidents prejudicial to the Muslim community and their basic necessity for human survival, that is sustenance through food in line with their dietary principles, it is imperative for the Senate to thoroughly evaluate and formulate effective measures to address and mitigate these occurrences,” he said.

In his statement, Padilla suggested that the shooting may have stemmed from a pork dish prepared at the police station.

The senator said the Muslim police officer provided him with a letter in which he said the incident “was exacerbated by previous instances of discrimination and mockery” aimed at him, as well as the surreptitious serving of pork without his knowledge.

A police officer was killed while two other cops were injured in the police station shooting.

“Muslim Filipinos, constituting a minority within the Philippines, encounter unique challenges in the exercise of their religious beliefs, particularly when it comes to fulfilling their basic dietary needs,” Padilla noted. — DVM, GMA Integrated News