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Navotas court orders arrest of 6 cops in Jemboy Baltazar's death

A Navotas court has ordered the arrest of six policemen tagged in the killing of 17-year-old Jemboy Baltazar, Isa Avendaño-Umali reported on Dobol B TV on Wednesday, citing the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Those ordered arrested were Police Executive Master Sergeant Roberto Balais Jr., Police Staff Sergeant Gerry Maliban, Police Staff Sergeant Antonio Bugayong, Police Staff Sergeant Nikko Esquilon, Police Corporal Edmark Jake Blanco, and Patrolman Benedict Mangada.

The warrant of arrest was issued by Navotas CIty Regional Trial Court Branch 286.

"After evaluating the Resolution of the City Prosecutor and the supporting evidence i.e. Joint Sworn Statement of PCPT Mark Joseph U. Carpio & PCPT Luisito M. Dela Cruz, Certificate of Death, Autopsy Report, Firearms Identification Report and the Property Acknowledgment Report, among others, the Court finds probable case to issue a warrant of arrest against all the above-named accused to place them under the custody of the law in order not to frustrate the ends of justice," the court's order read.

The six are facing murder charges and thus not entitled to bail, the report said.

Baltazar died on August 2 while on his way to go fishing after he was shot by Navotas City policemen who were pursuing a shooting suspect in Barangay NBBS Kaunlaran.

Eight policemen, including the six who were ordered arrested by the court, have been dismissed from service in connection with the incident.

A companion who was with Baltazar said they were preparing their boat when a policeman ordered them to get off. They reportedly tried to give themselves up, but the police officers allegedly kept on shooting, prompting Baltazar to dive into the water.

The police later claimed it was a case of mistaken identity. Some of the six cops who were initially reported to be involved in the incident said in their affidavits that they fired shots into the water and that they did not intend to hit Baltazar.

Northern Police District (NPD) chief Police Brigadier General Rizalito Gapas earlier said the investigation conducted by Navotas City Police on Baltazars death was "not exhaustive."

Noted forensic pathologist Dr. Raquel Fortun said autopsy results revealed that Baltazar also had a gunshot wound on his right hand, indicating that he tried to defend himself.

The autopsy found that Baltazar was hit twice, on the head with an entry wound behind the ear and an exit wound on the nose, while the other shot hit him on the right hand.

According to his death certificate, Baltazar’s cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head as well as asphyxia from drowning. KBK, GMA Integrated News