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Marcos says 2023 APEC Summit 'very successful'

LOS ANGELES, USA - President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. said on Saturday (PH time) that the 2023 APEC Summit in San Francisco was successful. 

In an interview with the Philippine media delegation before departing San Francisco, Marcos pointed out the "noticeable concurrence" among APEC member economies. 

"I think that it was a very successful meeting in that… Many of the major economies of the world were represented here and there was a very noticeable concurrence amongst different countries – big, small, rich, not so rich – as to what are the ways to move forward," Marcos said.

"We talked about climate change, we talked about AI, we talked about food security, energy security, and what each of us – what part each of us can play in facing those challenges that the new world economy has brought us," he added. 

The President also hailed the chairmanship and hosting of APEC 2023 by the US as it was able to provide a forum "in which a good deal of important work was done in these past two days." 

Before the end of the three-day APEC Summit, Marcos had a bilateral meeting with Peruvian President Dina Boluarte where they discussed a lot of topics, including the latter's invitation to visit the South American country. 

He also had a brief meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

During the meeting, which Marcos said he requested, the two leaders tried to come up with mechanisms to lower tensions in the South China Sea. —VBL, GMA Integrated News