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SMNI asks CA for TRO vs. NTC suspension order

Swara Sug Media Corporation, which does business under Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), on Thursday asked the Court of Appeals (CA) to issue a temporary restraining order against the National Telecommunications Commission’s 30-day suspension order.

Swara Sug’s counsel Mark Tolentino told reporters that their petition for certiorari, prohibition, mandamus with prayer for injunction/TRO was filed because they feel they were never given a chance to refute the allegations against them and NTC just surrendered their authority to the House of Representatives which earlier called for such suspension

“We believe that we were meted a penalty of suspension without due process. We were not given a chance to answer these allegations,” he said.

Tolentino then argued that NTC abused its authority when it heeded the House urging the regulatory body to suspend the Swara Sug Media Corp. franchise mainly due to alleged willful dissemination of false information, a violation of its franchise.

He added the House resolution is only limited to acts in aid of legislation and not meant to mete penalties.

“Parang naimpluwensiyahan sila ng House…dahil lang sa recommendation ng House. NTC has quasi-judicial function and is part of the Executive department,” Tolentino said.

Another counsel for Swara Sug, Rolex Suplico, agreed and noted that punishing the entire network when only two of its shows namely Gikas sa Masa and Laban Kasama ang Bayan supposedly committed infractions reeks of injustice.

“We are here to seek justice. Granted that Gikan sa Masa and Laban Kasama ang Bayan did wrong, why suspend the entire network? Ang kasalanan ni Pedro ay kasalanan ni Pedro lamang,” Suplico added.

“Yes, there are complaints against us. But complaints are allegations. Hear us out first,” he further said.

GMA News Online reached out to NTC but the latter has yet to respond as of posting time.—AOL, GMA Integrated News