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VP Sara Duterte: Continue upholding EDSA spirit, stand for what is right

In commemoration of the 38th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, Vice President Sara Duterte urged Filipinos to continue upholding the EDSA spirit and to stand up for what is right.

"On this day, we commemorate the brave souls who stood united on the streets of Edsa, fighting for democracy and freedom. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, let us remember the lessons of EDSA—the power of unity, the strength of the Filipino spirit, and the importance of standing up for what is right," the Vice President said in a statement. 

Duterte said their courage and determination have paved the way for a better Philippines, as their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

"Let us continue to build a nation where justice, peace, and prosperity prevail, where every voice is heard, and every dream is achievable," she said. 

"Happy Edsa anniversary to all Filipinos. May we continue to uphold the spirit of Edsa in all that we do," she added. 

The EDSA People Power Revolution ousted President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. from power in 1986. On Sunday, Filipinos observed its 38th anniversary in several parts of the Philippines.

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) led the commemorative rites at the People Power Monument in Quezon City to pay tribute to the historic event. 

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), meanwhile, officiated the flag-raising and wreath-laying ceremonies. 

The Philippine National Police (PNP) earlier said around 8,500 cops will be deployed to secure the conduct of rallies in the National Capital Region and Cebu on the anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

The 38th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution is not on the list of holidays for 2024.

In a statement, the Office of the President maintained its respect for the commemoration of the event in 1986, but since February 25 falls on a Sunday, "there is a minimal socio-economic impact in declaring such a day as a special non-working holiday since it coincides with the rest day for most workers/laborers.” — Sherylin Untalan/BM, GMA Integrated News