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Solon pushes for tougher measures to protect women, children

Stronger measures need to be in place to protect women and children from violence, especially from high ranking officials in the government including the military, House Assistant Minority Leader and Gabriela party-list lawmaker Arlene Brosas said Wednesday.

"Abuse of power exacerbates the harm inflicted on victims of violence. When individuals in positions of authority use their power to exploit or harm others, it creates a significant power imbalance that can make it even more difficult for victims to seek justice," Brosas said.

"This is why we propose stiffer penalties for perpetrators in positions of authority to address this imbalance and hold them accountable for their actions," she added.

Brosas made the call after a committee under the Commission on Appointments (CA) deferred the deliberations of the ad interim appointment of Brigadier General Ranulfo Sevilla due to his alleged failure to support his children.

The party-list solon said that Sevilla’s case is a stark reminder that the Armed Forces of the Philippines need to take proactive measures to address issues of violence against women within its ranks.

“Gabriela Women's Party stands in solidarity with Tessa Luz Reyes-Sevilla (the general's wife) and all survivors of domestic abuse, and echo her call for justice and accountability to address the systemic issues that perpetuate such injustices, especially among uniformed personnel,” Brosas said.

“Kailangan tanggalin na sa posisyon si Sevilla. Kung kaya niyang saktan at abusuhin ang sarili niyang asawa at anak, malamang ay kayang-kaya niya rin itong gawin sa ibang tao," Brosas added.

(Sevilla should be removed from service. If he can hurt his wife and family, chances are, he will be doing the same thing to others.)

Based on the records available from CA Secretariat, Sevilla already submitted documents to the CA panel to respond to the opposition to his promotion, including the petition for the declaration of nullity of marriage, petition to cite defendant in contempt of court in Ranulfo A. Sevilla versus Tessa Luz Aura Reyes Sevilla, and a psychological evaluation report. —LDF, GMA Integrated News