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Pulse Asia: Marcos approval down 13 points, Sara's by 7

Pulse Asia: Marcos approval down 13 points; Sara's by 7

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.'s nationwide approval and trust ratings went down by 13 and 16 percentage points respectively, according to Pulse Asia's latest Ulat ng Bayan survey.

This developed as Vice President Sara Duterte's approval went down by seven percentage points and her trust rating by the same number.

Marcos' approval rating went down from 68 in December 2023 to 55 in March 2024.

His trust rating went down from 73 in December 2023 to 57 in March 2024.

Sara's approval went down from 74 in December to 67 in March while her trust rating went down from 78 to 71.


The president suffered the biggest drop in his approval ratings in Mindanao since he only scored 40% compared with his December rating of 62%.

His ratings also dropped in Metro Manila (-17%), Visayas (-12%) and even in his bailiwick Luzon (-8%).

Marcos' approval rating also dropped the most among the Class E income bracket since he only scored 48% compared with 68% three months ago.

The chief executive also incurred lost ground in the Class D income bracket (-13%) but only a measly -1% at the Class ABC income bracket.

Duterte's approval rating, on the other hand, only dipped -1% in Mindanao, her bailiwick, at 92%.

The vice president, who also serves as Education Secretary, had minimal losses in Metro Manila (-9%), Luzon (-8%) and Visayas (-9%).

Romualdez, Zubiri

Speaker and Leyte Representative Martin Romualdez's approval rating went down eight percentage points from 39 in December to 31 in March. The biggest loss came from Mindanao (-17%) to end up with only 25%.

His trust rating went down nine percentage points from 40 in December to 31 in March.

Among the top national officials in the approval and trust ratings survey, only Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri registered increases in both indicators.

Zubiri's approval went up by three from 49 in December to 52 in March. His trust score went up by two from 51 in December to 53 in March.

The Senate president gained most of his approval from Mindanao, his bailiwick, where his approval score reached 70% from a previous rating of 60%.

Zubiri also had slight gains in Metro Manila (+4%), Luzon (2%) but lost a measly in Visayas (-1%).

GMA News Online is getting comments from Marcos, Sara, and Romualdez and will publish these as soon as they become available. 

Pulse Asia's Ulat ng Bayan survey was conducted from March 6 to 10. 

According to an earlier media release on the nationwide poll, the survey had 1,200 respondents and a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percent.

The respondents were asked if they truly approved, somewhat approved, somewhat disapproved, or truly disapproved of the performance of the official in the past three months.

For the trust rating, the respondents were asked if they had a very big trust, big trust, small trust, or very small/no trust for the official. —with Llanesca T. Panti/NB/KG, GMA Integrated News