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Zelenskyy says PH to participate in Ukraine peace summit

Zelenskyy says PH to participate in Ukraine peace summit

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Monday said the Philippines would participate in the peace summit that will be held in Switzerland this month.

Zelenskyy, who arrived in Manila on Sunday, had a bilateral meeting with President Ferdinand ''Bongbong'' Marcos Jr., a first in the history of the Philippines and Ukraine's bilateral ties.

''I am grateful to the Philippines for supporting Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, for its clear position on Russia's aggression against our country, and for supporting important UN resolutions. Ukraine intends to open an embassy in Manila this year to strengthen bilateral cooperation,'' Zelenskyy said.

''We discussed the inaugural Global Peace Summit and the importance of Southeast Asian countries being represented there. I am pleased that the Philippines will participate in the Summit,'' he added.


Asked if Marcos confirmed his attendance to the summit, Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Secretary Cheloy Garafil said ''the Philippines is participating but has yet to be finalized.''

In the recent IISS Shangri-La Dialogue, Zelenskyy said that diplomacy — in the form of the peace summit  — was the best way to end a "cruel war" that has killed thousands in his country since 2022.

Aside from the peace situation, the two leaders also discussed bilateral cooperation, particularly Ukrainian agricultural exports to the Philippines.

Zelenskyy further underscored the importance of countries’ united support for Ukraine, saying its continued resistance will give a “signal” for other countries not to invade independent states. 

“If Ukraine will stay strong with the unity, with the diplomacy, with the unity in diplomacy of different countries in different regions, if we will stay strong, it means that it will give very important signal to other countries, not to try even to think how to occupy other independent countries,” said Zelensky. 

It was reported last month that Switzerland already had over 50 registrations from the more than 160 delegations the neutral country has invited for the summit.

Countries from South America, Africa, and the Middle East were among those that had confirmed their attendance. — RSJ, GMA Integrated News