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Reds to frustrate AFP’s all-out-war in Negros, says rebel spox

A rebel spokesperson has said that communist insurgents will frustrate government forces from waging an ‘all-out war’ on Negros Island. 

In a press statement, Juanito Magbanua, spokeperson for the New People’s Army’s  Apolinario Gatmaitan Command - Negros Island, said their fighters, together with the revolutionary masses in the whole island, “will frustrate the fascist US-Duterte regime’s “all-out war” in Negros.” 

Magbanua  said the recent announcement of an “all-out war” in Negros by military chief General Carlito Galvez, “demonstrate the brutal and devious extent to which the armed apparatus of the state could be mobilized in defense of the big landlords and compradors.”

In October, Philippine National Philippine (PNP) tagged the NPA as suspects in the Sagay massacre where nine sugar workers were killed, saying the rebels’ possible motive is to fuel wrath in the public against the AFP, the PNP and, generally, the government.

A separate probe was done by Commission of Human Rights (CHR) into the massacre. The CHR said that land disputes and military or law enforcement encounter are being considered as angles in their investigation.

But according to Magbanua, the all-out-war also aims to further expand the scope of the political crackdown against activists and mass movements in Negros.

“Their brave resistance will awaken a broad range of masses and earn the active support of various democratic sectors,” Magbanua said. — Joviland Rita/RSJ, GMA News