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6 Chinese nationals nabbed for kidnapping another Chinese man

Authorities on Saturday arrested six Chinese nationals after they kidnapped and held another Chinese man in Calamba City, Laguna for four days.

The suspects have been identified as Xin Wang, Sun Qing Ji, Hong Zhong Ah, Yan Ben, Zhao Da Hai, and Si Cuan who are all natives of Fujian province in China and currently residing in Pasay City.

According to a police report, the suspects abducted the victim—a 30-year-old native of Shanghai, China—in Makati City on February 27 and kept him in a resort in Calamba City.

A concerned citizen later on called the attention of the Laguna police after hearing cries for help from the victim.

Intelligence operatives conducted surveillance to check the veracity of the kidnapping incident. Upon validation, a follow-up operation ensued resulting in the arrest of the suspects and rescue of the victim.

According to the police, the suspects are allegedly members of the "Lone Shark" gang in China.

The suspects would supposedly offer a Chinese tourist some money to allow him to play in a casino.

But if the tourist wins the game, the suspects would allegedly get the prize. Otherwise, they would still force him to play with interest.

If the tourist could not play with interest, the suspects would apprehend and kidnap him, the police said.

The suspects would then contact the Chinese tourist's relatives for ransom, which would be sent through wire transfer, in exchange for his freedom.

The suspects would be turned over to the Calamba police for proper disposition and investigation.

But according to the police themselves, the kidnap victim would be too afraid of the group of suspects that he sometimes would rather not pursue his case against the kidnappers. —Erwin Colcol/KG, GMA News