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Japanese man leads Baguio City cleanup


A Japanese man is leading the cleanup of overpasses in Baguio City.

Masakazu Nose, who first went viral for his efforts in 2014, has recently returned to continue his mission.

This time, however, he is not alone. A few other people helped him pick up trash along the overpasses of the city.

Joining him was another Japanese man who was accompanied by his Filipina wife and their two kids.

"It's always nice to clean the city," said Hiroshi Sato. "We cannot ask everything to the city. At least maybe not cleaning, but not make it dirty. I love it here, I love Baguio."

The city recognized Masakazu for his efforts and urged others to follow his example.

"Alam mo itong mga tao na to should inspire us na talagang kailangan natin ang ating kapaligiran to protect our environment," said Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

"Let us follow the good example of itong si Masakazu-san," he added. —Jessica Bartolome/KBK, GMA News