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Good Samaritans wash away ash from cars fleeing Taal Volcano unrest

Taal Volcano's phreatic eruption on Sunday brought out the kindness in some people who took it upon themselves to wash the ash off vehicles fleeing the area. 

Marjorie Villa took to social media to “flex” her husband Roger, whom she photographed standing atop a white vehicle and pointing a hose at approaching cars.


The photos were taken in Barangay Talaga, Tanauan City.

The post has delighted netizens and garnered thousands of likes in a few hours.

In another video taken in Tagaytay City, a man can be seen helping clear the ash off of a windshield of a vehicle, while another cleared away mud from the glass.

The passengers of the vehicle expressed their gratitude for the residents' kindness.


Another Good Samaritan, this time in Silang, Cavite, can be seen washing off ash from vehicles for free.


Alert Level 4 has been raised over the Taal Volcano, meaning that hazardous eruption is imminent. 

The Department of Health has released a health advisory on how to deal with ash fall, which can lead to health problems.  — Julia Mari Ornedo/BM, GMA News