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Dog trapped under volcanic ash found alive after 15 days

Trapped under a wooden bed covered with volcanic ash, eight-year-old dog named "Idol" was found alive by its owners and rescuers after 15 days in San Nicolas, Batangas.

Without food and water, the dog looked almost skin-and-bones, according to a report by John Consulta on 24 Oras.

Idol had to be pulled out from under the ash-covered bed by its owner, Jay-R Balba and his brother, Germie, because it could barely move.

It came back to life after drinking bowls of water.  It has also slowly regained appetite.

According Jay-R, when the Taal Volcano eruption happened, his family immediately evacuated the area.

"Wala nang nadalang kahit ano. Bigla na lang kaming tumawid, dire-diretso na ho dito," he said.

After local officials allowed them to visit their home, Jay-R thought of looking for Idol under his father's wooden bed, the dog's favorite resting spot.

Jay-R and his family have brought Idol and their other pets to Germie's house, where they will temporarily stay.

Stories of owners and pets reuniting after being separate due to the Taal eruption have come out on social media days after some areas were declared out of the danger zone.

Animal welfare groups and pet rescue organizations scoured towns in Batangas province to save the animals left as people scamper for safety at the height of the eruption.  They appealed to the owners to take with them their pets and animals during evacuation as not all would be lucky to be still alive like the dog Idol. —Angelica Yang/LDF, GMA News