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Robredo coordinates Cagayan, Isabela rescue with Army, Marines

Vice President Leni Robredo has coordinated with the units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines for the rescue of residents affected by floods dumped by Typhoon Ulysses in Cagayan.

In a series of tweets, Robredo said she had been assured that rescue teams from the Marines were on their way and that an air rescue was being planned.

"Our prayers for Cagayan and Isabela. Reading posts now of people asking to be rescued. We deployed our security team to coordinate with AFP all the calls for rescue we are reading now," Robredo said on Twitter on Friday night.



In a series of tweets, Robredo said members of the Army and the Marines had been on standby but could not pass Alcala, Cagayan because of the neck-high waters.

"Pahupain lang nila ng konti para makalagpas mga truck nila with rubber boats. 'Yung Air Force nag-deploy na din po rescue units sa Ilagan City na binabaha na din daw po," Robredo said.



Robredo said the Army had a platoon deployed in the area on Thursday but was having difficulty because Alcala was not passable.

"Was assured Marine Rescue Teams are on their way," Robredo said in another tweet.



She said she had been told that the authorities had been planning an air rescue.



-NB, GMA News