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Initial autopsy findings show asphyxia caused Bree Jonson's death —police

The initial findings of the autopsy on Bree Jonson, who was found lifeless in La Union on Saturday, showed that her cause of death was asphyxia, the Police Regional Office 1 (PRO1) chief said Wednesday.

PRO1 director Police Brigadier General Emmanuel Peralta said that the initial findings also showed that Jonson was also positive for cocaine use.

“Ang initial findings sa autopsy ay ‘yung cause of death ni Breana ay asphyxia. Kasama na rin dito yung urine test na nakuha sa bladder niya. Si Breana ay tested positive for cocaine use,” he said in an ANC interview.

(The initial findings of the autopsy showed that the cause of death of Breana was asphyxia. The findings also include her urine test. Breana tested positive for cocaine use)

However, he noted that they are still waiting for the results of the histopathological examination on Jonson.

Police over the weekend discovered the body of painter Jonson in a La Union beach resort and filed a complaint against her companion, Julian Ongpin, for alleged violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

San Juan, La Union municipal police found Jonson's body when it responded to a report of alleged suicide at the resort.

Ongpin, who tested positive for cocaine use, has been tagged as a person of interest. He was detained but later released by the prosecutor in La Union.

Quoting the decision of the prosecutor, Peralta read, "the case is not proper for inquest proceedings. The apprehension of the respondent does not fall under any instances where warrantless arrest is allowed."

Asked if he agrees with the decision, Peralta said the police respect the decision of the prosecutor.

Peralta said that there is no basis for the police to file a homicide case against Ongpin during the time of his apprehension.

According to him, the police recovered an ID issued by the Manila City government showing that Jonson has psychosocial disability. Antidepressant medicines were also found in their room.

He added that both Jonson and Ongpin have no wounds or markings caused by struggle.

Citing SOCO personnel, Peralta said that it has been established that the wounds on the arms and body of Ongpin were not caused by struggle from Jonson.

Ongpin explained that he got the wounds after forcibly opening the door of a restroom to free the late Jonson, who was allegedly trapped.

He told police that the nails from the broken door caused deep wounds on his arms as well as his back.

Peralta said that Jonson’s body only had markings on the neck and that a cat chain was also found in their room.

He noted that it has not been concluded yet that Jonson took her own life.

Earlier, the painter’s mother, Sally, maintained that her daughter did not kill herself. She believes that her daughter fought for her life after seeing that Ongpin had scratches and wounds on his arm.

According to Peralta, the police want to get the statement of the companions of Jonson and Ongpin on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, Peralta assured the public of impartial investigation into the incident, saying they do not favor any sides in the case.—AOL, GMA News