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‘Drunk neighbor’ gets body from coffin, drops it in Nueva Vizcaya

A man disrupted the wake of his dead neighbor after he took the body from the coffin and dropped it to the floor.

According to the report on "24 Oras" by Russel Simorio of GMA Regional TV One North Central Luzon, the body of Gonzalo Espinoza could be seen on the floor of his home in Barangay Tuao North in Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya.

The person who took the body from the coffin was identified as Teofilo Sanorias.

He was allegedly drunk when the incident happened. He supposedly drank alcohol at the wake.

According to the deceased's sister, Sanorias went into their home and opened the coffin.

He then lifted the body and dropped it on the floor.

Funeral parlor staff had to go to the house to return the body to the coffin.

Police arrested Sanorias minutes after the incident.

Espinoza's family, however, would no longer pursue a case against Sanorias.

GMA Regional TV One North Central Luzon went to Sanorias' home for his comment.

His son said he had apologized for what he did. —NB, GMA Integrated News

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