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3 Chinese nabbed for kidnapping; hostages tortured, digits cut off

Authorities in Pasay City have arrested three Chinese nationals for allegedly kidnapping their compatriots for ransom and torturing them, with at least one victim having his finger cut off and another having his toe severed.

In a 24 Oras report by John Consulta on Wednesday, the tragic situation of a blindfolded and handcuffed man was seen in cellphone footage retrieved from one of the suspects.

The camera moved down to show the victim’s left hand, bloodied and his little finger severed.

The Chinese victim showed to GMA Integrated News the injuries he sustained on his head and back during the 24 days he was held hostage.

"They hit me all over the body with a baseball bat. Then they cut my skin, they salted my skin, they hit me all the time," said the victim, his words translated by an app.

In another video, a man with a bloody right leg can be seen moaning in pain, as one of the kidnappers threw his amputated toe back at him.

Several victims were also seen in other videos with tape around their heads and their hands tied.

One who was kneeling and handcuffed was shown bleeding from the back from numerous deep blade cuts.

The NBI said in the case of the rescued victim, the kidnappers initially demanded P100 million, until it was reduced to P14 million.

But after the payment, the kidnappers aimed to retrieve the victim's luxury SUV before releasing him.

"They torture these victims, then they send the video of the torture to the Chinese family of these victims to force them to give money," said Jerome Bomediano, head of the NBI's Anti-Organized and Transnational Crime Division (AOTCD).

Complaints of kidnap for ransom and illegal possession of firearms have been filed against the suspects.

According to Bomediano, the suspects could be part of an organized syndicate, but they already have leads on its members.

It is also possible that there are Filipinos helping in the operations, the authorities added. — Jamil Santos/BM, GMA Integrated News