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1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Zamboanga del Norte after eating poisonous crab

One person died while seven were brought to the hospital in Zamboanga del Norte after eating the poisonous Devil Reef Crab, according to a report on "Saksi."

One of the victims, accompanied by an uncle, collected several of the colorful Devil Reef Crab along the beach.

It was the first time they saw the type of crab in the area, the victim related.

They brought the crabs to their home and cooked these with coconut milk.

However, after eating the crabs they felt sick and they felt some numbness.

Their uncle died after experiencing difficulty in breathing.

The seven others who partook of the crab dish are in stable condition.

According to doctors, the Devil Reef Crabs should not be caught and eaten because these are poisonous. — BAP, GMA Integrated News