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Big crocodile spotted under a house in Bataraza, Palawan

A big crocodile was spotted under a house near the shore in Bataraza, Palawan, according to a "24 Oras" report on Friday.

According to the uploader of the video, the crocodile appeared around 8 p.m. on Thursday and stayed for a few minutes before retreating to the water.

While encounters with crocodiles are frequent in Bataraza, residents said that they fear for the possible danger the reptiles may bring to them and their children

Meanwhile, experts remind residents not to approach or touch a crocodile.

If a crocodile wanders inside one's home, experts recommend taking a piece of wood to scare it off.  The animal control group of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources should also be immediately contacted to retrieve the reptile.

According to the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, Bataraza is one of the most crocodile-infested areas in Palawan. —Jiselle Anne Casucian/LDF, GMA Integrated News