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Man in Ilocos Norte dies of rabies after cat bite

A 51-year-old man in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte died of rabies almost two months after being bitten by a cat, according to a report on "Saksi."

Arnel Marcos was bitten by a cat on October 28, 2023 but he did not consult with a doctor and relied on self- medication, his wife said.

Malou Marcos said her husband washed the wound and poured papaya extract.

By November 2, Arnel received anti-rabies vaccination and antibiotics in a hospital.

However, after one month he complained that he felt weak. He received medical treatment at a hospital but did not follow the schedule for follow up check ups.

Malou said her husband tried to drink water and commented that he seems to be afraid of water.

She brought Arnel to the hospital and the couple was told that he had rabies. Arnel died last Friday and was buried right away.

Meanwhile, in Pototan town in Iloilo a 17-year-old boy also died of rabies. His parents related the boy complained that he had difficulty breathing and could not drink water.

He was brought to the hospital and was observed to exhibit symptoms of rabies infection such as sensitivity to light, fear of water, and became fierce.

The victim died on Jan. 4 and almost 100 of his close contacts were given anti-rabies vaccination.

The Department of Health reported that there were 368 cases of rabies in 2023, which is lower by 6% compared to 2022 (391 cases).

The DOH advised that once bitten by an animal, apply a disinfectant like alcohol or iodine solution on the wound, immediately consult with a doctor and one should be vaccinated.

Observe the animal for changes in behavior or symptoms for rabies for 14 days. Euthanize the animal if it shows symptoms of rabies and send its head to a laboratory for tests.  — BAP, GMA Integrated News