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4-year-old boy dies after falling from 27th floor of Cebu condo

A four-year-old child died after falling from the 27th floor of a condominium in Cebu City.

According to a "24 Oras" report by Nikko Sereno on Tuesday, the victim’s mother said that she left the child sleeping and went to the ground floor.

The victim allegedly slipped through a window and landed on a canopy on the 3rd floor.

When the mother returned, she immediately looked for her son.  She was told that someone fell from the upper floor of the building, who was later confirmed to be her child.

The child was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, three separate investigations are now being conducted by the local police, the local government, and the condominium management to determine the events that led up to the accident.

“We just don’t rely on [the statements]. We will have to validate it so mangangalap kami ng additional na mga ebidensya like mga CCTV,” said Police Lieutenant Colonel Janette Rafter.

(We just don’t rely on [the statements]. We will have to validate it so we will be gathering additional evidence like CCTV footage)

“Hindi basta-basta mahuhulog ang bata. Nasaan ang magulang?” added Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama.

(A child won't just fall. Where are the parents?)

The condominium management extended its condolences and provided assistance to the bereaved family.

It also assured residents that it is following adequate safety and security measures in the facility.

The victim’s remains will be sent to Davao for the funeral and burial rites.— Jiselle Anne Casucian/LDF, GMA Integrated News