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6 dead after speeding truck hits tricycle, bus in Quezon

Six people, including an eight-month old baby, died after a speeding truck hit a fully loaded tricycle in Quezon early morning Wednesday.

According to a 24 Oras report by Sandra Aguinaldo, a fish delivery truck hit the tricycle and a bus at around 2 a.m. along the Maharlika Highway in Lopez, Quezon. The tricycle was crushed by the impact, burst into flames and was hurled onto a bus.

“Dead on the spot yung apat, and yung isa po namatay sa ospital,” said Lopez Municipal Police Station chief Lieutenant Colonel Dandy Aguilar.

(Four people died on the spot, while another victim died in the hospital)

No casualties were reported among the passengers of the bus, which also caught fire during the accident.

“Bali po nakahinto kami, traffic kasi eh. Tapos, may bigla na lang kumalabog sa ano namin sa likod. Tapos nakita ko yung tuktuk, nag-apoy na. Tapos bumangga samin sa likod. Pagbangga sa amin sa likod, nagkalat na yung apoy,” said bus employee Jay Benosa.

(We were stopped because of the traffic. Then something suddenly bumped us in the back. Then, I saw the tuktuk already on fire. Then, it hit us from behind. After it hit us, the fire spread to our bus.)

The injured were quickly rushed to the Magsaysay Memorial Hospital.

According to the tricycle driver, he and his family were headed to Libon, Albay to attend the town’s fiesta.

“Hindi po siya overload kasi po ang passenger po nun ay limahan. Bali apat lang po ang sakay ko at bata lang po,” said driver Julius Brin.

(The tricycle wasn’t overloaded because it’s passenger capacity is up to five. I only had four passengers and they were children.)

“Yung pong fish dealer na bumangga sa tuktuk tricycle while nakahinto sila doon sa traffic doon sa may under construction na area doon sa may diversion. Travelling sila sa same direction approaching sa likod, nabangga ng fish dealer yung tuktuk tricycle,” added Aguilar.

(The fish dealer hit the tuktuk tricycle while they were stopped due to traffic at an area under construction near the diversion. They were traveling in the same direction approaching from the back, the fish dealer truck hit the tuktuk tricycle)

The truck driver is now in police custody.

“Medyo mabilis yung takbo ng trak ko, hindi kinaya ng preno kaya nasagi ko yung ano… Ako po ay humihingi ng tawad sa kung ano man ho, hindi ko po kagustuhan na may mangyari yung ganun. Hindi ko po sinasadya. Pasensya na po,” said the suspect.

(My truck was moving pretty fast and my brakes couldn't stop in time so I sideswiped the (tricycle)… I am asking for forgiveness for what happened, I didn’t want this to happen. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.) —Jiselle Anne Casucian/RF, GMA Integrated News