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Woman in Davao Oriental loses P35K savings to termites

Woman in Davao Oriental lost P35K savings to termites

A woman in Davao Oriental has expressed worry after the money she saved for her children was eaten by termites.

The woman, Sherell Ampong, already saved up around P35,000, but nothing was left after her improvised money box was infested by termites.

Instead of depositing to the bank, she opted to make an improvised money box made of cardboard to save her money intended for children’s laptop computer and cellphone.

Her son, Kenny, is a college student while her daughter, Maria, just completed junior high school.

“Nag-tigom jud ko last year lang jud to. Katung January, ako na to siyang gi-ihap nga ana siya nga kantidad. So dili pa man nako need ang kwarta so gibalik nako sa karton nga alkansya na to. So gitabunan nako sa akong mga sinina ato na time,” Ampong said.

“Pag-abli nako sa cabinet, abi nako og bitin akong nahikapan kay humok man. Pagbalik na pud nako og hikap lain man jud ang akong nahikapan so ako dayong giabrihan og dako ang akong cabinet sa akong sining. Unya akong gihabwa ang akong mga sinina, naa didto tanan ang mga anay ba nagtapok mura nag balay bitaw sila didto kay bugha man ang akong mga sinina,” she added.

Ampong’s children have understood and accepted what had happened.

“Wala man ta nag-expect ato. Ampo lang jud ta sa Ginoo. Maningkamot lang ta para màkabawi-bawi ta,” Kenny said.

“Dawat dawat na lang ta kay puhon diay naa pay muabot nga blessing sa atoa mas dako pa,” Maria added.

According to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), damaged banknotes could still be replaced if 60 percent of its features is still intact.

The two facsimile signatures must also be visible including the windowed security thread unless the latter was damaged by fire or insects.

BSP also advised the public to deposit huge amount of money to the bank instead of saving it in a money box. —GMA Regional TV