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Israel and Palestinian war: What you need to know right now

The Israeli military said it had called up an unprecedented 300,000 reservists and was imposing a total blockade of the Gaza Strip, in a sign it may be planning a ground assault in response to the devastating weekend attack by Hamas gunmen.

Israeli TV channels said the death toll from the Hamas attack had climbed to 900. In Hamas-controlled Gaza, Israel has killed more than 500 people since Saturday.

Israel targets Gaza

After hours of intense bombardment by Israeli jets, Hamas, the Islamist movement which controls Gaza, said it would execute an Israeli captive for every civilian house bombed without warning.

* Inside Israel, Hamas fighters were still holed up in several locations two days after they killed hundreds of Israelis and seized dozens of hostages in a raid that shattered Israel's reputation of invincibility.

* The United States will send multiple military ships and aircraft closer to Israel as a show of support, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said.

* In a further sign of Israel's rapid shift onto a war footing, a cabinet member from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party said it could set up a national unity government joined by opposition leaders within hours.

* Qatari mediators have held urgent calls to try to negotiate freedom for Israeli women and children seized by the militant group and held in Gaza in exchange for the release of 36 Palestinian women and children from Israel's prisons, a source briefed on the talks told Reuters. An Israeli official said no negotiations were under way.

* Israel and Western countries said nothing justified the intentional mass killing of civilians.

* The European Commission said it was putting all of its development aid for Palestinians, worth 691 million euros ($729 million), under review and immediately suspending all payments following Hamas' attack on Israel.

* The armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) claimed responsibility for an operation at the Lebanon-Israel border.

Americans, Britons dead or missing

* The United States said nine Americans were killed in Israel and other US citizens were missing.

* More than 10 Britons are feared dead or missing in Israel, the BBC reported, citing an official source, although foreign minister James Cleverly said he would not speculate on the number of British or dual nationals in the area.

Hamas Planning

* Hamas carried out a careful campaign of deception to pull of its stunning attack, accounts from Hamas and Israeli sources show.

Global markets roiled, flights suspended

* Fears of a widening conflict threatened more volatility for investors, adding to uncertainty ahead of corporate earnings season and crucial US inflation data later in the week.

* Oil prices jumped more than 4%, gold gained and the US dollar edged up against the euro as military clashes between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas fueled some worry that the conflict could spread beyond Gaza.

* Tech companies operating in Israel were expected to fortify security as they could face disruptions, said investors and analysts.

* Major international air carriers suspended or reined in flight services to or from Tel Aviv, saying they were waiting for safety conditions to improve. — Reuters