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Playlist Extra: Denise Barbacena takes on the "Lasts Challenge"

Feb 9, 2030
Denise Barbacena

Know more about Denise Barbacena in Playlist Extra's "Lasts Challenge." playlist, the_playlist, online_exclusive, playlist_extra, lasts challenge, denise barbacena, denise barbacena and her lasts, eat bulaga, abot kamay na pangarap, music, pop, game, gma_playlist, gma music, entertainment, challenge, rss, rssfeed Read more

Catch Mitzi Josh on GMA Playlist this June 2

May 31, 2023
Mitzi Josh

Watch Mitzi Josh's performance of 'Return To Paradise' OST "Hadlang Man Ang Mundo" on GMA Playlist this Friday. Read more

Playlist Extra: Mitzi Josh answers Slam Book questions

May 31, 2023
Mitzi Josh

Get to know Sparkle artist Mitzi Josh as she answers Slam Book questions in this Playlist Extra video.   Read more

XOXO to release music video of "GLNG" this June

May 30, 2023

P-pop girl group XOXO are back with a new dance track "GLNG" (Go Lang Nang Go).  Read more

XOXO releases new single 'GLNG'

May 26, 2023

XOXO's third single "GLNG" is out now! Read more

Gracenote on Playlist May 26,2023

May 26, 2023

4-piece Filipino band Gracenote is back with new music here on Playlist! Don’t miss the chance to watch their live performances of their original songs “Tigil” and “Apektado” this Friday at 1 pm! #Gracenote #PlaylistLive #GMAPlaylist  #GracenoteOnPlaylist YouTube keywords: Playlist, GMA Playlist, Entertainment, Music, OPM, Gracenote Read more

Be inspired and move to the beat of XOXO's 'GLNG (Go Lang Nang Go)'

May 26, 2023
xoxo Riel Lomadilla Dani Ozaraga Mel Caluag Lyra Micolob

Jam with XOXO’s ‘GLNG,’ which will be available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide starting May 26. Read more

Playlist Extra: Shayne Sava answers fun and random questions

May 24, 2023
Shayne Sava

Get to know Sparkle artist Shayne Sava and find out her quirks and interests in this video. Read more

Catch Gracenote this May 26 on GMA Playlist

May 24, 2023

Listen to Gracenote perform on Playlist Live this Friday, May 26. Read more

All-female group XOXO to release new dance track 'GLNG' this May

May 23, 2023
All female group XOXO

XOXO is coming back to the music scene with a new dance track!   Read more


Matt Lozano writes a letter about moving on in latest single 'Liham'

May 22, 2023
Matt Lozano

Following his first two self-penned singles under GMA Music, "Walang Pipigil" and "Kwarto," Matt now writes a poignant song about moving on and finding happiness again after a difficult situation Read more

Listen to 'Voltes V' star Matt Lozano's 'Liham'

May 21, 2023
matt lozano

Matt Lozano's "Liham" will take you on a self-love journey. Read more

'Voltes V no Uta' (Voltes V Legacy OST) by Julie Anne San Jose | Playlist Recording Video

May 19, 2023
Julie Anne San Jose

"VOLTES V NO UTA" Composed by: Kobayashi Aso Arranged by: Joshua Gapasin and Simon Tan Mixed by: Andrea Rae N. Culla Video Producer: Bambi C. Santos Produced by: Rocky S. Gacho Read more

'Hanggang Dito Na Lang' by Arra San Agustin | Playlist Performance Video

May 19, 2023

"HANGGANG DITO NA LANG" Performed by Arra San Agustin Composed by Roxanne E. Fabian Produced by Rocky Gacho GMA Music Publishing Read more

'U-Turn' by Shayne Sava | Playlist Music Video

May 19, 2023
Shayne Sava

"U-TURN" Performed by Shayne Sava Composed by Rina Mercado Produced by Rocky Gacho GMA Music Publishing   Read more