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Bretman Rock speaks affirmations while in a traditional Bahag: ‘Thank you, universe, for making me brown’

Bretman Rock said he feels like a goddess when wearing a traditional Bahag.

On Instagram, the Filipino-American content creator shared how he wears his Bahag made of hand-woven textiles, as he speaks his daily affirmations in the spacious greenfield outside his house.

“Thank you, universe, for making me brown. Thank you to everybody that came before me,” the 25-year-old social media star said while facing the mountains.

Then he went on watering his plants while listening to an Ilokano song.

In the caption, he said he finally feels "like I’m in my 20s. It only took 5 extra years, but we here."

Last month, Bretman celebrated his 25th birthday with a Night of a Thousand Bretman Rocks-themed party.

To mark his 25th year, Bretman also released an Island Barbie-themed photos.

It's been a remarkable year for him. Apart from appearing on Vogue Philippines’ first Pride issue cover, Bretman also made history as the first gay man on the cover of Playboy.

Another achievement was making it to Forbes’ Top 50 Creators of 2022 list.

Bretman is also one of the anticipated guest judges on the second season of “Drag Race Philippines.”



— Hermes Joy Tunac/LA, GMA Integrated News

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