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Other couple in possible baby-switching incident 'open' to returning child should DNA test prove mix-up

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In an episode of "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" last week, a mother who gave birth in Rodriguez, Rizal discovered through a DNA test that she was given the wrong baby.

The search for Aphril and Marvin Sifiata's real child continues as the other family involved in the possible baby-switching incident have agreed to undergo a DNA test through the help of KMJS.

As both parties wait for the results, the other set of parents expressed their firm belief that the child they brought home was truly theirs.

In an exclusive interview with Jessica Soho, Margareth Traballo and Kim Jasper Mulleno, the other family involved in the alleged baby switching incident, said they suspected nothing out of the ordinary until the hospital informed them of the possible mix-up.

The couple, who were first-time parents like the Sifiatas, said the baby even bore a remarkable resemblance to Kim Jasper.

"Natawa pa nga po ako kasi kamukhang-kamukha ni Kim. [Sabi ko] 'Wala nang nakuha sa akin, sayo na lahat, pati gender sa'yo na," Margareth said.

["I found it a little funny that the baby looked exactly like Kim. I told him, 'the baby got everything from you, even the gender!'"] 

"The very first moment na nakita siya, it feels like na nakatingin ako sa mga baby pictures ko or nakikita ko 'yung sarili ko sa kanya," Kim Jasper added. "Everything is normal. Wala po talaga kaming naging problem all throughout sa stay namin sa hospital."

["Looking at him feels like looking at my baby pictures. I can see myself in him. Everything is normal. We didn't encounter any problems throughout our stay in the hospital."]

The couple shared that they felt something was amiss when they received a message from the hospital. They were asked to send a picture of their baby and his nametag. After two days, hospital staff came over to explain the situation.

"Nanghina ako. Nanghina ako. Nanlamig ako," the mother said.

["I felt weak. My blood ran cold"]

Despite their firm belief that the child was theirs, Margareth and Kim Jasper did not discount the possibility that their baby may have been switched.

The couple underwent a DNA test through the help of KMJS, in the hopes of proving that the baby currently in their care is truly theirs.

"Alam ko naman na anak ko 'yung nasa amin kasi kamukha nga naman nung tatay. Though may naramdaman ako na lukso ng dugo, natakot ako na baka, sakaling totoo, nagkaroon din ako ng frustrations," Margareth said.

["I know that the baby we took home is our son. He looks exactly like his dad! Though I feel that this is my son — I'm still anxious that our baby might’ve been switched at birth."]

The Mullenos agreeing to undergo a DNA test came as a relief to Aphril Sifiata whose fears were confirmed when DNA tests, both from the hospital and the one conducted through the help of KMJS, came back negative.

A negative test result meant there was a zero-percent probability of the child being theirs.

The first DNA test, conducted by the hospital involved, on the infant that was in Aphril and Marvin's care had also come back negative. This further confirms the earlier results of the DNA test that was done through the help of KMJS.

After learning the case of baby switching from KMJS, the Department of Health (DOH) conducted a surprise inspection at H Vill Hospital.

"Ang na-gather namin ay siguro, supervisor ito, na-notice niya 'yung isang baby, walang tag, in-inform niya 'yung nurse on duty during that time na walang tag 'yung isang baby. That nurse on duty placed a new tag on the baby based on the name written on the crib without checking if the other babies have the correct crib tags and name tags," DOH Region IV-A spokesperson Dr. Noel Pasion told KMJS.

["A supervisor must have noticed a baby without the tag and informed the nurse on duty about it. That nurse placed a new tag on the baby based on the name written on the crib without checking if the other babies have the correct tags."] 

"Apparently, nakalimutan or hindi niya vinerify 'yung name tags doon sa baby at saka against the crib and the chart bago nag-rooming in," Pasion added.

["Apparently, the nurse forgot or didn't verify the name tags on the babies and the names on the crib and before rooming in."]

The Sifiata family noticed an inconsistency in the child's tag, which was one of the reasons they suspected that a mix-up had occurred.

Kim Jasper also shared during his interview that he had requested the staff to correct their child's tag after misspelling his surname.

He did not, however, see how the tag was corrected.

"Hindi ko po siya nakita pero, after less than three hours, napansin ko na pag-silip ko ulit sa nursery, napalitan na," he said.

["I didn't see but after less than three hours, I peaked at the nursery and the tag has been changed."]

Margareth and her baby have undergone a DNA test through KMJS.  Both families are now waiting for the results of the DNA test, which could take days to arrive.

Moreover, an expert explained how a negative result would not technically  confirm that Margareth and Kim Jasper's baby is the Sifiata's.

This means more testing would have to be done in order to determine the baby's true parents.

Should the DNA test prove they are not the true parents, Margareth and Kim Jasper said they would be open to placing the child to his rightful home.

"Ako po personally hinanda ko na po ang sarili ko, sobrang napamahal na sa amin lalo na sa family ko po," Margareth said.

["I'm preparing myself because I've come to love the child."] 

"We are hoping na sana mag-match sa amin. Kung sakali man pong hindi mag-match then tatanggapin po namin ng maluwag. Though mahirap i-let go, tatanggapin po namin."

["We are hoping to get a positive test result but should it come out negative, we will accept it. It will be hard to let go but we will accept it."]

"This isn't supposed to happen tapos, for firstborn for two families?" Kim Jasper added. "Sobrang naakakaawa for the other family. Medyo less on our side, 'cause we firmly believe na tama naman 'yung baby na nakuha namin."

["This isn't supposed to happen, for the firstborn of two families. We feel bad for the other family. Though we’re in a slightly better disposition, since we believe that the baby we’re holding is really ours."] — Margaret Claire Layug/LA, GMA News

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