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Doug and Chesca Kramer are proud parents as Scarlett bags silver in taekwondo tournament

Doug and Chesca Kramer are nothing but proud as their daughter Scarlett won silver in her first sparring tournament.

On Instagram, Doug shared the proud moment where she got her “much deserved silver medal!”

Scarlett could be seen smiling proudly with her parents right beside her.



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Doug revealed that Scarlett has actually been struggling with self-confidence and questioned whether taekwondo was the right sport for her to pursue.

“But each and every time you cried in frustration, you also came back and challenged yourself even more,” Doug said.

“Keep your eagerness to improve, and learn from your mistakes,” he added.

Doug emphasized that nothing comes easy and that you have to work hard.

“And, when you love it, it's worth all the tears, challenges, and all the work you put in. All because you didn't give up! We all celebrate with you Scarlett!”

“It was tough to watch you fall down and get hit, but every time you got up and pressed forward! There is still a lot to learn and we promise you, we will always be here to cheer you on and support you and remind you to never give up," he added.

Doug also said that Scarlett asked her parents how she can build more confidence, but he said, “Nobody can teach you that but yourself.”

“And today, you showed how brave you were in challenging a more experienced and taller fighter in your finals match,” he added. “Win or learn! We're all so proud of you.”

Doug has always been open about his kids' awesome achievements, like with Kendra’s supermodel photos and Gavin’s first basketball game. —Nika Roque/JCB, GMA News