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Max Collins on the current status of her heart: 'Looking forward to move on'

Max Collins is ready to leave the past behind and move forward with her life following her split from estranged husband Pancho Magno.

During the fast talk portion of the Monday episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,” Max was asked, “Kung ang pag ibig ay traffic light, nasa anong kulay ang puso mo ngayon, red, yellow, or green?”

Without batting an eyelash, Max answered, "yellow," which signifies her preparedness to move on from her past relationship.

"Looking forward to [moving] on," Max said.

"I'm not looking for anything but I'm not angry [and] I'm not hurt anymore," she added.

Max confirmed her split with Pancho on Monday's episode and said if she had a takeaway from her past relationship, it's honesty and respect towards herself and her former partner.

"I learned that you have to be honest with your partner," she said. "You have to respect yourself, love yourself enough to leave the table when your needs are not being met."

"That's something that I have learned that I need to love myself more to know what makes me happy and what can make me the best version of myself because you only have one life," she added.

Max is set to star as Elize in the action-comedy sitcom "Walang Matigas Na Pulis Sa Matinik Na Misis," which will air on GMA starting on June 4. — Hermes Joy Tunac/LA, GMA Integrated News