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Ysabel Ortega to Miguel Tanfelix on his 25th birthday: 'I'll always have your back'

Ysabel Ortega has a short but sweet message to Miguel Tanfelix in celebration of his 25th birthday.

On Instagram, Ysabel shared snaps of the two of theml taken at a park.

“Happy birthday to this boy who never fails to make me smile,” the actress wrote.

“Whether as an actor, a jokerist, even a wakeboarder, and soon a director, I’ll always have your back,” she added with a winking emoji.

Miguel and Ysabel played Steve Armstrong and Jamie Robinson, respectively, in "Voltes V: Legacy."

In an interview on "Fast Talk With Boy Abunda" back in February, Miguel admitted that he is courting Ysabel.

A month later, Ysabel appeared on the same talk show and said, "It's hard not to love Miguel."




—Carby Basina/JCB, GMA Integrated News