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Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia’s son Amari gets excited over bananas

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia's son, Amari

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia's son, Amari, delighted netizens once again with his great love for food!

On Instagram, Billy shared a video of Amari's adorable reaction to some bananas.

After making a cute surprised face, Amari said, "That's bananas!"

Last month, Coleen also shared a voice recording of the three-year-old boy's long list of food requests, which included white rice, taho, corn, watermelon, raisins, dates, lasagna, and more.

Billy and Coleen got married in 2018 and welcomed Amari in 2020.

Billy is among the judges in "The Voice Generations" with Chito Miranda, Julie Anne San Jose, and Stell of SB19.

—Carby Basina/MGP, GMA Integrated News