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The zodiac signs as Valentine’s Day chocolates

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Like it or not, Valentine’s Day will come at the most opportune time this year. It happens on a Friday—and not just any Friday, a payday Friday at that. The days leading to the 14th will surely be hectic AF, what with people rushing to get their baes something special and all.

So for our coupled friends reading this, here’s a guide to knowing which type of chocolate you should get your bae. And for our single friends…here’s a guide to knowing which type of chocolate you should binge eat while binge watching romcoms on Valentine’s Day.

AQUARIUS - Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
January 20 to February 18


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The original and fun-loving Aquarius is much like this OG chocolate+peanut butter treat—lighthearted and one of a kind. Arrange the cups in a heart-shaped box and you’re good to go.


PISCES - Le Sucre Lab Chocolate Dreamcake
February 19 to March 20


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Pisces people are artistic and compassionate, very much like this chocolate dreamcake. Its simple beauty (it’s just chocolate in a tin can, people) and superb taste (we didn’t say we’re addicted but for the record, we are) perfectly embodies a Pisces.


ARIES - Malagos Chocolate Heirloom Bar
March 21 to April 19


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Confident and determined are Aries' best traits. Pair them with this proudly-Filipino chocolate bar and you’ll get a valentine duo that says “this is me—and you will love me for who I am.”

TAURUS - Hershey’s Truffle-filled Kisses
April 20 to May 20

Two things come to mind when we think of Taurus people: reliable and practical. What better chocolate can represent that than kisses? There’s a reason they’re the go-to chocolate candies—and that’s because they’re dependable. There’s virtually nothing that the classic kisses (and a Taurus) can’t deliver.


GEMINI - Kit-Kat Chocolate
May 21 to June 20


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A bit too literal you might say, but hear us out. Aside from the fact that Kit-Kat bars look like twins, they’re perfect for Geminis because they’re both curious and versatile. Kit-Kat on ice cream? Yes. Kit-Kat on cakes? Hell yes. Then the Gemini will eat both of those treats and more. See? V-E-R-S-A-T-I-L-E.


CANCER - Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar
June 21 to July 22


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Cadbury chocolates have been in the industry (and hence people’s memories) for nearly 200 years. Cancers will surely appreciate its loyalty and sentimentality—both of which are traits they find important.


LEO - Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs
July 23 to August 22


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Leos can be passionate but also hella dramatic. They’re like that friend in a drinking session who tells you they love you then cry in the corner because “ghinost na niya ‘koooo.” Indulge your lovable Leo with chocolate and alcohol rolled into one. We can’t know for sure if they’ll get drunk, but we sure think it’s a shot worth taking. *wink* Get the Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs here or here.


VIRGO - Theo & Philo Cacao Tablea
August 23 to September 22


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Virgos will have you know that nothing’s more rewarding than a comforting cup of hot cocoa. Cacao Tablea echoes their gentle side (try to get mad while drinking hot chocolate, we dare you) while also making sure their analytical side approves the calorie intake. News flash: pure cacao nibs are low in carbohydrates! Your little Virgo will surely thank you for the guilt-free gift.


LIBRA - M&M’s Chocolate Candies
September 23 to October 22

Libras are fair-minded and sociable. They want things to be as harmonious as possible. They’re like a bag of M&M’s: life of the party, caters to everyone, and very approachable. Got different colors? No worries. We can all coexist. Try something different and surprise your Libra bae with an M&M surprise piñata cake this Valentine’s!


SCORPIO - Toblerone Chocolate Bar
October 23 to November 22


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Scorpios are known to be brave but stubborn. This type of wilfulness is best illustrated in a Toblerone bar—that thing is HARD as hell! But it melts in your mouth pleasantly, like how some abrasive Scorpios grow on you after a while.

SAGITTARIUS - Snickers Chocolate Bar
November 22 to December 21

A Sagittarius person is much like a Snickers bar—funny and generous. All good things, really. Play up the quirky side and have snickers bars arranged in a bouquet. They’ll definitely laugh and love you more because of the gesture.


CAPRICORN - Auro 70% Dark Chocolate
December 22 to January 19


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At first glance, indulgent things such as chocolates don’t seem to blend well with the serious and disciplined Capricorn. But, as nature won’t have any of those limitations, she decided to come up with dark chocolate. Auro’s 70% dark will satiate a Capricorn’s craving for chocolate while still being prim and proper.

Chocolates and love come in many different flavors. One thing’s for sure: the world is a better place with more of both around. Happy love month!


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