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10 dishes Filipinos wanted to learn how to make amid lockdown, according to Google

As thousands of Filipinos remain indoors amid the enhanced community quarantine, many have turned to cooking to pass the time.

Google Philippines revealed the top 10 recipes Filipinos have searched for in April and as it turned out many were curious to cook carbonara.

The pasta dish was the number 1 most searched for recipe in all of April, followed by maja blanca, pancake and banana cake.

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Other dishes and desserts Filipinos frequently searched for last month were puto, menudo, leche flan, pandesal, chicken curry, and dalgona coffee.

Searches such as "Dalgona coffee recipe instant coffee", "Puto pao recipe" and "How to make condensed milk cake" all spiked up to more than 5,000%.

It didn't make the top 10 but searches for "Sotanghon guisado recipe" spiked up to 3,250%.

Google said that the search for recipes, bread, and cake surged "to a record high during the month."

Many restaurants and convenience stores began offering frozen and ready-to-cook packs of their products amid the quarantine. 

See the recipe search list below:

  1. Carbonara recipe
  2. Maja blanca recipe
  3. Pancake recipe
  4. Banana cake recipe
  5. Puto recipe
  6. Menudo recipe
  7. Leche flan recipe
  8. Pandesal recipe
  9. Chicken curry recipe
  10. Dalgona coffee recipe

—Kaela Malig/MGP/LA, GMA News