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The Sushi Bake Tray is the newest food trend of quarantine, and here are 8 places where you can get them

After Dalgona Coffee — and banana bread, sourdough — the Sushi Bake Tray emerges as the hot food trend of quarantine.

What's a Sushi Bake Tray, you may ask? Well, instead of having your usual sushi set up in a roll, this treat is made by deconstructing the sushi, piling up the sushi ingredients in a pan or a tray, before baking. 

How do you eat one? A lot are comparing it to a taco: You just scoop a spoonful from the tray and wrap it in Nori and you're good to have a bite. 

If you've been wondering where you can order one, we've listed down stores that sell these baked sushi trays filled with all the sushi ingredients you can imagine.

1. The Sushi Bake 



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The awesome thing about Sushi Bake is it comes with "care cards" — instructions on how to bake, how to scoop, and how long you can save it for a last bite (consume within three days) that first-timers will surely appreciate. 

It comes in two sizes: Sushi Mini is good for up to three people, while Sushi Party is great for 4-6 people.    

DM Sushi Bake on Instagram to order.  

2. Mimi Qiu Reyes' Original Baked California Roll 


The long wait is over! Your Original Baked California roll is arriving any moment now and the feeling of excitement comes rushing in with a strong urge to dig in. But Wait-- Before you dig in, Please take time to read included bake instructions to experience and unleash maximum goodness, it will be worth the few extra minutes, WE PROMISE!?? @theoriginalbakedcaliforniaroll To help free up our SMS backlog on unanswered inquiries, Price on our Original Baked California Roll trays are as follows: Small Tray (2-3persons) - Php 800 Large Tray (5-7persons) - Php 1,500 Extra Large (10-15persons) - Php 2,200 To orders please DM @theoriginalbakedcaliforniaroll ???? Thank you very much! @theoriginalbakedcaliforniaroll ???? @janxkirstin Thank You ???? #notyourordinaryroll #theoriginalbakedcaliforniarollbymimi #bornincalifornia2015 #madewithlovebymimi #believeintheoriginal

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Nail artist Mimi Qiu Reyes rolled out her Sushi Bake Tray on Instagram in April — the earliest among Sushi Bake Tray makers — but she's been at it since 2015.

She calls it the Baked California Roll Tray and it's everything we need in this trying time: rich and delicious and every bit comforting.

Mimi has three sizes to choose from, starting at P800 for a small tray good for 2-3 people. She's also created a dedicated Instagram account to handle all the orders.

Head out to the The Original Baked California Roll to place your orders.

3. Oomori Japanese Cuisine



Oomori Japanese cuisine is has a variety of Sushi Bake trays, all good for five to six people.

Some of the flavors available are as follows:

  • California: P1450
  • Salmon truffle: P1300
  • Salmon teriyaki: P1300
  • Wasabi cheese melt: P1200
  • 4-in-1 (all flavors): P1450

Place your orders in advance on the website, and specify if you'll pick up or have it delivered. One Banawe Complex, Banawe Street, Quezon City. 11am-4pm. Closed on Thursdays.

4. Meatsumo Panay



Scrumptious indeed! ???????? Sushi Bake now available for delivery for only Php480! Place your orders now! ??

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Japanese Korean BBQ house Meatsumo on Panay Avenue is offering their own take of the Sushi Bake. It only comes in one flavor and one size (P480), perfect for those easily confused with too much variety.

Send them a message on Instagram or fill out their order form. 23 Panay Ave., Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City. 9am-3pm. 

5. Suzy's Kitchen



Home Baked California Maki with cream cheese ????

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Suzy's Kitchen is also whipping up this tray of goodness. It only has one variety — the home baked California Maki with cream cheese — that comes in a myriad of sizes. 

The prices are as follows:

  • Solo (good for one, with 10 pcs Nori wrapper): P520
  • Mini Pan (up to two people, with10 pcs Nori wrapper): P450
  • Regular (2-3 pax, with 20 pcs Nori wrapper): P600
  • Large Pan (5-7 pax with 30 Nori wrapper): P1350
  • Extra Nori (10 pcs): P50

To order, you can fill out their forms in their Instagram account.

6. Kaye Makeup Artistry



Kaye Makeup Artistry has two varieties of the Sushi Bake tray: Kani Tamago with Sriracha Cream Cheese and Kani Tamago with Wasabi Mayo. If you can't decide, you can have both in one tray!

  • Kani Tamago with Sriracha Cream Cheese (3-4 pax): P680
  • Kani Tamago with Wasabi Mayo (3-4 pax): P680
  • Half Wasabi Mayo, half Sriracha Cream Cheese (3-4 pax): P720

Two packs of Nori will be provided per order, but if you want extra you can order one for P30/pack.

They deliver on Sunday deliveries with order cutoff on Friday. They deliver via Lalamove. Check out Instagram to order.

7. Sushi Bake MNL




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Sushi Bake MNL have Sushi Bake trays in Pure Kani and Pure Kani Mango flavors or you can also choose to have two of it in one tray.

The prices are as follows:

9-inch round tray (4-6 pax)
3 packs of seaweed (7pcs/pack)

Large rectangular tray (7-10 pax)
5 packs of seaweed (7pcs/pack)

Slide into their DMs to order your tray.

8. Taste & Tell



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Taste & Tell have two varieties on offer: The Sushi Aburi and the Scallop x Salmon Aburi.

According to Taste & Tell, the Scallop x Salmon Aburi is filled with unagi sauce and topped with crunchy garlic and tempura flakes. This one's a new flavor and it will be made available on May 29.

Kani Sushi Aburi

  • Medium (4-5pax) with 3 packs of Nori: P1200
  • Big (6-8pax) with 5 packs of Nori: P1500

Scallop x Salmon Aburi Sushi

  • Small (1-2 pax):  P1,500
  • Medium (3-5 pax):  P1,950
  • Large (6-8 pax):  P2,400

Fill up their order form on Instagram to get your hands on these trays.