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Here are 5 dishes you can order for your potluck parties this Christmas

Now that pandemic restrictions have been loosened, we can once again gather together for Christmas parties in the coming holidays.

If you're organizing a potluck party, here are five dishes and platters that you can order to enjoy with family and friends.

1. Pancit Bam-i Salmon Tinapa from Tatatito (P785)

Photo: Tatatito
Photo: Tatatito

This pancit dish from Central Visayas uses stir-friend canton and sotanghon noodles as base, which is then sautéed with smoky salmon tinapa, shrimp, and vegetables. For added flavor, it is topped with crispy salmon skin and garlic bits.

A sharing plate is good for three to four people, so a double order would be perfect for a barkada bonding.

2. Hola-day BBQ Fiesta from Gringo (P2,680)

Photo: Gringo
Photo: Gringo

Barbecue is a classic side dish for every party. Gringo Chicken and Ribs offers an exciting mixed platter with Chimichurri Grilled Pork, Frankfurter Sausage, and baked mussels with butter sauce and melted cheese.

It also includes Smoked Beef Brisket served with three sauces: BBQ sauce, Soy Vinegar, and Aus Jus. There's also good ole chicken wings, which comes in three flavors: Cerveza BBQ Chicken wings, Chimichurri Parmesan Chicken Wings, and Blackened Lime Chicken Wings.

Finally, the platter also comes with three sides, corn in a cob, coleslaw, and french fries. It's good for five to six persons, but with all the meat, it's probably enough for more.

3. Dinakdakan from Gubat (P1,700)

Fancy another regional dish? Gubat serves a party tray of Ilocano dish Dinakdakan, a delicacy with grilled pork parts served with calamansi dressing, onions, and chilli peppers.

Good for eight to 10 persons, the Dinakdakan would be a nice appetizer for a Filipino-themed party.

4. Tomato and Basil Spaghettini from Nono's (P1,385)


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Everybody loves pasta, and Nono's Tomato and Basil Spaghettini is a good choice for a lowkey gathering with friends this Christmas.

It's different from the classic Filipino-style spaghetti, but familiar enough to our tastes so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

5. Ham Roll from Conti's (P1,985)

Christmas would not be complete without ham, and Conti's got you! The bakeshop and restaurant offers a Ham Roll that is sure to add some sweetness to your holiday table.

Served with pineapple glaze, enjoy it with cold cuts, cheese slices, and an alcohol of your choice to elevate your meal to a sumptuous feast.

—JCB, GMA Integrated News


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