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Why is 'Crash Landing on You' such a big hit with Filipinos? Netflix has answers

"Crash Landing on You" didn't just make history by becoming South Korean TV channel TVN's highest-rated show ever — it's also taken hold of Filipino hearts everywhere.

A unique love story between individuals from North and South Korea, the K-drama series has been in Netflix' top 10 lists in the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

It's become so popular in the country that it's made fanboys and and fangirls of local celebrities, including Chris Tiu, who took the time to play piano covers of one of the series' popular songs!

According to Minyoung Kim, Netflix' Vice President of Korean Content, there's a reason why "Crash Landing on You" — and even "Kingdom" — is such a big hit among Filipinos. 

In an exclusive video interview, she shared, "It was interesting for me to find out that very strong emotional moments and titles tend to perform really well in the Philippines. Our Philippine audiences love that type of show."

Aside from the emotional aspect, Kim shared that Netflix has been seeing a formula for shows like "Crash Landing on You" to work well.

"It's a combination of a strong writer and a strong story," Kim said, adding CLOY writer Park Ji-eun "is one of the top writers in the Korean industry."

CLOY, said Kim, has a compelling story that people can empathize with, despite having a unique setting.

"In this situation here, two countries cannot meet and it is a fantasy but it's also in our daily lives and that interesting unique take in a romance title is a very strong reason for 'Crash Landing on You' to be very successful," she said.

And then there are the actors. "Strong on-screen talent is important in a successful Korean wave show and this 'Crash Landing on You' has [it]," Kim continued.

CLOY stars Son Ye-Jin as Yoon Se-ri and Hyun Bin as Captain Ri, with the latter stealing hearts everywhere, turning regular viewers into huge fans, and becoming a major talkpoint about the show.

There's been a report about a fan, who was given a surprise CLOY-themed party with decors comprised mainly of Captain Ri. 

"To me, it seems that the Philippine audience is very passionate and very open to trying different types of shows, not only in Korean dramas but content over the world has actually been viewed in the Philippines and enjoyed by our audience," she added.

According to Kim, CLOY not only help generate public joy but it also brought more audiences to Netflix.

In the upcoming months, Netflix is set to release a slew of K-drama shows beginning with "Rugal" on March 28. — LA, GMA News