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KC Montero shares video of ‘dragons’ flying over Pasig City

First, there were ostriches in Quezon City and, now, dragons in Pasig?

KC Montero had a bit of fun on Instagram on Thursday, sharing a video of CGI-animated dragons flying and breathing fire around Pasig City.

The actor and TV host even called the attention of Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto on the caption, asking him how he planned to “solve this.”

“WTH!! An Ostrich in QC, pig in Cebu, cow in Iloilo and now this in Pasig? Mayor Vico how do you intend to handle this!?” he wrote.

Montero didn’t say right away if he made the video himself, but many netizens were impressed by the animation.

The video has been viewed more than 21,000 times six hours after posting.

Footage of ostriches running free around a Quezon City village took over social media for much of Tuesday, with many netizens taking the absurdity as a metaphor for the events these past few months.

Videos of other animals running loose in urban settings eventually surfaced online, including a pig in Cebu and a cow in Iloilo. – Margaret Claire Layug/RC, GMA News