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Bretman Rock's Vogue Philippines gala look is serving morena beauty

The baddest served the baddest look!

Bretman Rock attended the Vogue Philippines anniversary gala in a stunning creation inspired by Philippine pearls.

The all-white look by Rajo Laurel is composed of flair pants under a one-shoulder textured gown with a flowing silhouette.

"Serving Perlas ng silanganan fantasy at Philippine Vogue gala," Bretman said in his caption.

The content creator and beauty guru added, "y'all know I had to step out for the queer morenas[.]"

Rajo thanked Bretman for trusting him with his outfit.

"Thank you for not only inspiring me but millions of others to be their true selves. See you soon!" he said.

At the gala, Bretman met Kyline Alcantara who couldn't help but fangirl.

While in the Philippines, Bretman had a belated birthday celebration in Palawan. He was able to try out fire dancing at the beach, was memorably stung by a stingray, and ate tamilok.

Early this year, the content creator also visited the Philippines to hold book signing events for his first memoir dubbed "You're That Bitch."

—Nika Roque/MGP, GMA Integrated News

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