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New Christmas attraction in San Fernando, Pampanga delights visitors

Deep in the heart of San Fernando, Pampanga, many visitors stop to take pictures of the Capital Town building, which transforms its facade into a massive yuletide projection show at night.

As seen in photos shared by Kapampangan photographer Gerald Gloton, the city's famous parol makers have also decorated the city’s commercial spots with locally made Christmas lanterns.

According to Capital Town’s latest announcement Friday,  visitors can enjoy the breathtaking projector show in sync with Christmas melodies every Friday to Sunday from 7pm-10pm.

Pampanga has long been known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines.

This holiday season, residents have been stunned by a “Nights of Lights Christmas village” that opened at The Orchid Gardens Resort complex in San Fernando City.

Nighttime travellers are also greeted by a 52-piece sequence of spectacular lantern displays lighting up the stretch of the Jose Abad Santos Avenue (JASA).

Although vaccination, RT-PCR, and antigen tests are not required, visitors are advised to observe health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

— LA, GMA News