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Andi Eigenmann on living in Siargao: 'Still always teary-eyed whenever I get to tell myself, this is home'

Living in Siargao has definitely changed Andi Eigenmann, and to this day, she still lives in gratitude for being able to call the island her home.

On Wednesday, Andi shared photos of her on the beach shortly after going for her first sunrise surf session.

According to Andi, it was her fiancé Philmar Alipayo who has been pushing her to go surfing during sunrise.

"Although I am a morning person, my mornings just always started after the sunrise, and not during," she wrote with a laughing face emoji.

"[And] my oh my, how well my days have been the past week," she added. "Rising early, no alarm, still with enough sleep. Nothing beats the energy this gives."

Andi also said she understands now why Philmar is extra happy in the morning after doing sunrise surfing.

"I literally texted him to say thank you for always introducing me to the finer things in life, [and] to see the beauty of this island in all its facets," she said.

"Still always [teary-eyed] whenever I get to tell myself, this is home," she added.

Andi moved to Siargao in 2017. Three years later, she got engaged to Philmar. They have two kids: Lilo and Koa. Andi is also mom to Ellie, her daughter with Jake Ejercito.



— Hermes Joy Tunac/LA, GMA Integrated News