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Heart Evangelista had the best advice for basher who called her 'artificial'

Heart Evangelista proved that she isn't just fabulous and funny—she also radiates kindness, even to those who would say negative things about her.

When a Twitter user called her "artificial" on Wednesday, the Queen of Creative Collaborations only had nice words to say in response.

"You don't have to wonder. Just don't care. We are different but that's still fine. Wonder about other things that make your heart spark," Heart said.

The Twitter user apologized to the actress and thanked her for the kind response.

"I never thought you'd actually see this, but I apologize if I came off as a bit rude. And you're right, I shouldn't just assume right off the bat. That was my mistake. Thank you for being so kind to my slight stupidity anyway."

Heart is no stranger to bashers, as she survived bullying when she was in school. In 2018, she shared an apology letter one of her classmates sent her online.

Heart, who celebrated her birthday on Valentine's Day, is currently in France for the Paris Fashion Week—MGP, GMA News